My LMS - Learning Management System

Course Overview

Welcome to the MyLMS Demo Course. This course is designed with the mindset of teaching interested employers the benefits and advantages of having an e-learning solution deployed within their organization. It is also designed to help familiarize individuals in how to go about taking an online course all while showcasing the LMS functionality.

The following topics will be covered in this course:
  • Introduction
  • On-boarding
  • Material Presentation
  • Types of Courses
  • Assessment
  • Certificates
  • Reporting
  • Types of Solutions

Below and in the right side-bar you will find a detailed overview of this course. All courses are broken up into two parts: Lessons and Topics. Lessons are the big ideas where as Topics are the details. To begin a user would click on a lesson and be taken to that page. Progression can be controlled with requiring prerequisites. 

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