Ladder Safety

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There is nothing easy about falling off a ladder. Even more so when that fall could have been prevented. The tallest tool in the tool box is also one that deserves some attention to make sure.


The tallest tool in your tool box. Ladders bring portability and flexibility to any job that extends above the ground. But if not used correctly, ladders can be dangerous. This online training program will present how to select the right ladder for the job, how to inspect a ladder for damage, how to set up a ladder properly and finally how to climb and work on a ladder safely. The program includes information on step ladders, extension ladders and articulated or multi-purpose ladders.

  • Average Time: 60 Minutes
  • Certificate: Printable & Emailed
  • Letter of Course Endorsement
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  • Permanent Record of Learning*
  • Group Management Tools*
  • Online Support*

*Group Management Tools are used to Manage Group Accounts with Group Leaders. These are for organisations that need more hands on reporting. Support is during regular business hours on EST time zone.

Online Course Outline:

1. Introduction

A basic overview of the importance of ladder safety, and what will be learned as individuals go through the course. 

2. The Right Ladder

In this section we discover questions you should ask when choosing the right ladder as well as the different types and ratings of ladders. 

3. Inspecting Ladders

Many falls from ladders are caused by faulty equipment. Spending time inspecting your ladder could prevent an injury. 

4. Setting Up and Climbing

Although it may seem straight forward, there are a few guidelines you need to know on how to properly set up and climb a ladder. 

5. Working On Ladders

This lesson covers guidelines on how you should work on ladders safely. Everything from how to handle tools to low hanging items. 

6. Ladder Safety Video

This is a quick video that covers the important points of the entire course. This is no substitute for the actual training materials.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have partnered with Trailwalk Holdings, who offer a wide variety of business training, including various Safety Training which includes this course. We have taken their course and created this online version to better assist in training of employees. 

We have tested our platform on multiple devices (mobile, tablets, laptops and computers) in both rural and urban areas. While in low signal areas, images and other media might take time to download, if you ever encounter a problem we back our product 100%. Simply contact us. 

Once you complete the online training you can view, print and download your certificate instantly. We will also send you an email copy. Don’t worry if you loose it! You can log on and reprint a copy whenever. 

First off, it is unlimited tries. If you fail you can take it over as many times as you need. However, you will only need one try! Why? We have built in smaller “Knowledge” quizzes within the course. This way you are all set for that final quiz. 

For both individuals and companies using our software, there will be an expiry date printed on your certificate. Generally, certification is valid for two years. Some of our training courses are valid for longer and others are valid for only one year. Our system is set up in such a way to remind you when your certificates are set to expire via email. For individuals you would need to buy the course and take it again. For our Company clients you would need to re-enroll in that course with a code given to you by your employer. 

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