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Earn your certificate in Transportation of Dangerous Goods with this comprehensive 60 minute, online training course. Once complete you will receive your certificate via email, as well you will be able to print it online.


Earn your Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate in about an hour with our fully compliant and up to date online TDG Certificate Training. Our online training has been designed by our partners (Trailwalk Holdings) and is an adaptation of what is taught in a regular classroom setting and has been developed by official trainers.

  • Average Time: 60 Minutes
  • Certificate: Printable & Emailed
  • Letter of Course Endorsement
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  • Permanent Record of Learning*
  • User Management Tools*
Online Course Outline:

1. Introduction

In this overview of TDG we cover the basics of what is needed on the road as well as an overview of the online training. As well we also talk about different responsibilities of Shippers, Handlers, and Carriers.

2. Classification

Who is responsible for making sure dangerous good are correctly labeled and what information is needed on shipping documents. Also an overview of the 9 different classes of dangerous goods. 

3. Documentation

No driver should accept a shipment unless the shipping documents are correct. We also look at how shipping documents need to be handled and how long they need to be kept for.

4. Safety marks

Safety Marks are the first line of information to people handling dangerous goods, but also to first responders who are at an accident. We look at what information they show, and where they need to be placed.

5. Containers

Containers that are used for transporting dangerous goods have been tested. In this section we look at the many different types of containers used to ship dangerous goods. 

6. Emergency Actions

This section goes over what you need to do when you have an accident when transporting dangerous goods. Who you report to depends on the type of dangerous goods you are transporting and how much. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have partnered with Trailwalk Holdings, who offer a wide variety of business training, including various Safety Training which includes this course. We have taken their course and created this online version to better assist in training of employees. 

We have tested our platform on multiple devices (mobile, tablets, laptops and computers) in both rural and urban areas. While in low signal areas, images and other media might take time to download, if you ever encounter a problem we back our product 100%. Simply contact us. 

Once you complete the online training you can view, print and download your certificate instantly. We will also send you an email copy. Don’t worry if you loose it! You can log on and reprint a copy whenever. 

First off, it is unlimited tries. If you fail you can take it over as many times as you need. However, you will only need one try! Why? We have built in smaller “Knowledge” quizzes within the course. This way you are all set for that final quiz. 

For both individuals and companies using our software, there will be an expiry date printed on your certificate. Generally, certification is valid for two years. Some of our training courses are valid for longer and others are valid for only one year. Our system is set up in such a way to remind you when your certificates are set to expire via email. For individuals you would need to buy the course and take it again. For our Company clients you would need to re-enroll in that course with a code given to you by your employer. 

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